Beijing Orient Science & Technology Co., Ltd. launched the original cabin type vehicle detection system to provide owners with more relaxed, convenient and assured service

The word “shelter” must be familiar to all of us. We have heard of “shelter hospital”, “shelter type laboratory”, “shelter test room” and so on. Although the shelter is small in size, it has great achievements! Today, we want to share with you a new term – “shelter type vehicle detection system”! Today, with the development of science and technology, is the annual inspection of automobiles shelter type?

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Sun Jianhua, chairman of the board of Beijing Orient Science & Technology Co., Ltd., said: “our newly launched cabin type vehicle detection system has this independent intellectual property rights. We are mainly through this patented technology in the market, to provide testing services for car owners. ”

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Originally, this system was developed and put into use by Beijing Orient Science & Technology Co., Ltd. On the basis of meeting the Chinese vehicle inspection standards, the system digests and absorbs the international vehicle detection standards and integrates them. Combined with intelligent Internet technology, it can quickly and accurately complete more than 1000 items of detection work in all eight categories by using the modern way of hand-held tablet, human-computer interaction and database connection.

According to relevant regulations: small and micro non operating passenger vehicles are exempted from inspection within 6 years; those over 6 years are inspected once a year; those over 15 years are inspected every 6 months. When it comes to car inspection, small partners will “color change” every time they talk about car inspection. If there are many cars in the inspection plant, the road is still far away. The “shelter type convenient vehicle inspection station” gives full play to the “small, smart and flexible” characteristics of the “shelter type vehicle detection system”. It sets up “convenient inspection station” in the city’s automobile repair shops, car sales stores, parking lots, residential areas and other vehicles in the city, so as to facilitate the people to inspect cars nearby, and thoroughly solve the chronic problem of “difficult vehicle inspection” for a long time.


Sun Jianhua, chairman of Beijing Orient Science & Technology Co., Ltd., said: “the advantages of our technology mainly aim at the current situation, that is, double circulation. In terms of external circulation, we export to Southeast Asia and Europe. In terms of internal circulation, we mainly provide the new service industry. We provide the annual inspection and secondary inspection, including the usual physical examination of cars and the diagnosis of maintenance. These are our advantages. ”

With the “shelter type vehicle detection system”, the vehicle inspection is more simple. For the testing institutions, it is flexible and convenient, and can be used immediately. It eliminates the equipment installation and debugging link (no need to build workshop), saves the civil engineering investment and greatly reduces the investment and construction cost. For car owners, the detection points can be set up in the urban vehicle centralized place, which is more convenient for the masses to inspect the vehicles nearby, avoid the long-distance travel of vehicles, save energy consumption and reduce road congestion.

Sun Jianhua, chairman of Beijing Orient Science & Technology Co., Ltd., continued: “for example, when we are in Beijing, the main vehicle inspection is about 50 kilometers. If we let every owner check the car at the door, first, road congestion will be reduced, second, vehicle emissions will be reduced. Third, we will save our time, which is our most important An important advantage. ”

In the future, enterprises will vigorously launch convenient shelter testing, with 2000 testing stations distributed in every corner of the city, providing more relaxed, convenient and assured service for vehicle owners.

Post time: Oct-28-2020