Vehicle inspection lane

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V-lane series

V-Lane fulfills complete vehicle safety inspecting items and generates an appraisement data report of vehicle‘s safety condition automatically. Thanks to the up-to-date high technology, V-lane has great flexibility of adapting any kind of vehicle inspection individual equipment into the system. Moreover, test procedures can be customized easily.


Intelligent Test Lane

Flexibility, automatic, LoT

Infrared detection of vehicle position on line.

Large LCD displayer and clear guide to operators

Very user-friendly software, automatic flow control, clear instruction prompts on drive’s aid.

Well integrated all necessary items of vehicle safety, selected by customers.

roller brake tester

speedometer tester

suspension tester

side slip tester

weighing device

play detector

gas analyzer


headlight tester

sound level meter

EOBD/OBDII reader.

tint meter

tire thread readers

Self-diagnostic and easy trouble shooting

Remote supervision (option)

Registered No. plate identified by CCD (option)

Bar code identify (option)

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